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Credit Control Services

The Credit Control function can be time consuming and expensive. Due to continuous pressure on costs and increased workload, some businesses may not have the required resources to chase their debt as they find it hard to justify the cost of a dedicated credit control specialist. 

Outsourcing your Credit Control to Credit Mediation Services may prove to be more cost effective as your resources can focus moron the business whilst your specialists focus on improving your cash flow. 

Daily availability of dedicated and experienced Credit Controlle

Besides chasing the debt, the credit control specialist shall be assigned to handle any queries or disputes arising with the debtor.                                     

Seamless transition

The chasing can take place from your premises and in your business's name so as not to compromise the business relationship.                                                                                                     

You can get to choose which accounts you want us to handle

You don't necessarily have to outsource the whole credit control function, you may want our services on those accounts that are overdue by an X amount of days.                                                                                              

Review of credit control policies and procedures

Our back office credit control experts can carry out a review on the existing credit control function and advise new procedures that may be implemented to mitigate against delinquent debt and improve recoveries. 

Improved cash flow and reduce your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Persistence, focus and efficiency in the credit control function will bring about an improvement in free cash flow.

Tailor made fees

Our fee for this service can be tailored around your requirements depending on the volume and age of the debt. 

We manage your headache while you manage your business.

We manage your debt right from that first credit application form, all the way through to the final legal process.

We work as your partner to ensure your business can keep ticking over while your bottom line reflects all of the hard work you put into running your company.

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