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Credit Mediation Services Limited

250, Triq l-Imdina

Hal-Qormi, Malta.



Call Agents

The core aspect of our services lies in our fully-functional and well-equipped call centre.

  • Our experienced credit controllers persistently chase your debtors.
  • Amicable-yet-persuasive communication skills are used instead of threatening with legal remedies.


Field Agents

Should our call agents’ influential efforts not prove fruitful, our field agents are dispatched to visit your debtor’s premises.

  • Field Agents attempt to collect the funds or gather information about the debtor’s whereabouts and assets.
  • Field Agents use various tracking methods that could prove useful should alternative action be required.
  • Through extensive database searching we have been able to locate debtors in most of our clients’ cases, using electronic footprints to source links to new addresses and contact details.

Legal Recovery

Credit Mediation Services utilises the services of a well-established Maltese law firm, thus providing our clients with a one-stop-shop approach. However should the need to proceed legally arise, we can also work with your chosen legal professionals.

The advantages of using Credit Mediation Services’ are:

  • The shift in gear from mediation to the filing of judicial proceedings would be seamless and handled internally.
  • Our clients would benefit from special rates, as no lawyers’ fees would be incurred (aside from judicial costs) but settled by CMS instead.
  • We engage the services of a consignee, who would prove indispensable should court proceedings be instituted and warrants of seizure filed.
  • The consignee would be in a position to elevate any movable objects subject to the court warrant and store them until a judicial auction is held.

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